Origin command line arguments fps

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Arqade is a question and answer site for passionate videogamers on all platforms. It only takes a minute to sign up. I'm trying to control Origin via command line mainly to launch specific games. However, I can't find anywhere what arguments it accepts! I've tried passing it -? I tried asking Origin support and they say:. We as it is not supported by us I would check in forums from other people who are doing things as you are. Poor grammar aside, he makes it clear that I won't get this from official sources.

So, does anyone know what arguments Origin accepts, if any? This would launch the game "Wing Commander 3" if you have it installed. Unlike Steam, it would not bring up the installation dialogue, if it is not installed. To find out the product id, you would need to dig into the website code for each store page. I am not sure if this product id is the same for all countries like on Steam, but even there different AppID's for the same game do exist, such as low violence versions etc.

If you do not own the game you try to launch, you get a Window that tells you to activate the game via a product key. Example from the German Wing Commander 3 Page :. But my tests with this have been unsuccessful so far. It is a bit of a hassle to find the correct product code. Especially for games like Sim City, my tests have been unsuccessful. But in theory, you can use this to control your games without touching Origin.

However, Origin comes to the front if you run any of these commands. In Task manager, enable the column with "start command".November - last edited November Just add these commands to the game's shotcut directory or at Command Line Arguments Game Properties :. Beware that for a smooth gameplay, you need to have solid 60 fps all the time, or else the game will speed down when your framerate decreases.

So you need to be sure you have a system above the recommended requirements. After testing the game at 60 fps, I can tell you that it is very nice at this framerate but it only gives you a smooth gameplay at certain areas of the game. There are situations where the game is clearly not well optimized, and because of that, this is not a solution. There are major FPS drops that just need to be fixed, and that keep this workaround to be a good alternative.

November Tried it just now and it stutter-pauses if you drop below 60 but it looks and plays sooooo much better. I was forcing it through the control panel Or not Yeah, forcing AA through the control panel doesn't work.

Maybe with nvidia inspector, but I wasn't able yet. Your GPU is more than enough. The problem is that the game is not optimized enough to provide stable fps. Which means the game has some issues. Make a shortcut to NFS MaxSimFps 60 -GameTime. ForceSimRate Start up the game and then it should run in 60FPS. However, this isn't something I'd recommend. If you would be able to keep it at 60fps steady across the whole map, you'd need a SLI or xfire setup of any of the highrange cards. It's fluent and nice for the most part with a few dips here and there which is somewhat ok.

The problem is when you reach the bay city area on the nort western part of the map think it's there anyways. It will plunge down to 35 and as you know, without the forced simrate, the game will go at double speed, however, since this simrate isn't dynamic, it will affect you the other way around.

Your car will go slower and you're steering will be so unresponsive it feels like you're driving a 14 tonne tank. This is just a command line for making it try and run at 60fps. It's not something that works, if it where, then it would have been implemented in the game already.

So unless you got a super powerful rig, I'd suggest you keep your game at original when you've tried it out. Pursuing or fleeing from someone in that area will be troublesome, trust me. The one thing I'm not sure you are correct is the part where you say people need super powerful rigs.

origin command line arguments fps

While the cars now dont run at double speed anymore other things like the target animation of the emp bar getting smaller still do. Also you seem to take and do more damage on crashes. These are only a few of the things i noticed so far.Enlisted: I'd like to measure mine.

Without installing any programs or Fraps. Got cloud problems?

origin command line arguments fps

Disable Cloud and stop crying. This will display it in the upper left corner until you release the keys. Ill ask here instead of making thread. Is there a way of selecting a command without having t type the whole thing out. In this game i have to type out the whole command In other games id simply start typing and it will show all relevant commands then i use arrow or mouse pointer to select the one i want.

This auto completes, but there are multiple things which start render. If you want it to start every time you launch the game, make a file in your root bf3 directory called user. Create a new text file and type: render. I use cfg file, but want to play with settings in real time. Guess I have no choice just manually type not a big dea;l. MaxVariableFps 60 Name it User. Excellent, going to give this a shot. I got one question guys, I created the text document file "User.

One day, I shall come back Yes, I shall come back Until then, There must be no regrets, No tears, No anxieties. Just go forward in all your beliefs, And prove to me I am not mistaken in mine I'm a Volunteer Forum Moderator and any views and opinions I share are mine and mine only. Someone handed me a CD the other day, I had to ask them what it was for :. Mine crashes every time I try and open it. Double click on settings editor and I get "realm ware has stopped working" every time.

MR-Bosengy said: render. Thread is locked.Battle Royale games are currently the most fun battle games to play, but they require the most out of your computer. Apex Legends is no exception when it comes to system requirements. First things first: it is absurd to even try and run Apex Legends on a computer that simply cannot support this game.

No configuration or add-ons can provide you with this boost if your computer is not strong enough. With that in mind, you should first check if your computer at least matches the following configuration. These are the minimum system requirements for running Apex Legends:.

The following are the recommended system requirements. They will help you ensure that the game runs smoothly on your computer. You can thus try all of them and see if they work for you. However, it takes care of your in-game respawn splash screen which could improve your FPS in the long run. Although the settings that you can adjust in-game depend on your preferences, there are certain options that can lead to higher FPS.

On the other hand, if you have a low-end computer, make the resolution smaller so that everything can run more smoothly. The Field of View setting is also quite crucial.

The lower you set it, the better your game will run. You should be careful with this setting as lowering it too much can affect your in-game visibility. Every other setting should be set to Low if you have a low-end computer. It is advised that you delete those files from time to time. This process is not only completely safe but also quite beneficial for your computer. It can also reflect on your in-game FPS. Nobody likes playing laggy games. Hopefully, some of the methods explained in this article have helped you solve this issue.

The Best Launch Options for Fortnite (+FPS)

Sometimes all that your computer needs to make a game run smoother is a small push in the right direction. Share it with us in the comments below.The in-game settings, launch options, and videoconfig. On the web, you can find several configuration files to replace yours and boost the fps.

These adjustments are useful if you are struggling to reach an acceptable amount of fps as you are using a low-spec PC, but also if you have a monitor with a high refresh-rate as you bought it to gain an edge in a competitive shooter such as Apex Legends.

Go on Advanced Launch Options and click on the Command line arguments tab. It removes the fps cap, which is set to as default. It is not required if you have a monitor with less than hz, or if you are playing from a laptop and you want to save as much battery as possible.

I also suggest adding -novid as it gets rid of the starting splash screens. They become tedious in the long run. Launch Apex Legend and open the Video settings. I will show you how to set up each option for maximum performance. Full Screen is the best choice performance-wise, but you might prefer Borderless Window if you have a multi-monitor setup and you wish to move quickly on another display.

In the screen below, you see because I play on an ultrawide monitor. Your display should have a aspect ratio.

4.45 FAQ-656 How to run Origin from command line?

Using your native resolution is desirable for a better view, but if you badly need a performance boost, decreasing the resolution will greatly improve your fps. Field of View : it depends on your preferences. I published an article about the best FoV in Apex Legendscontaining the results of a survey and detailed explanations on each setting.

A higher field of view FOV increases your peripheral vision, but at the same time all the targets are smaller, and it can cause a fisheye effect. In any case, lower values will improve your performance. Generally, using the adaptive resolution to gain fps is a poor choice because it lowers automatically your resolution but also forces anti-aliasing, which is very expensive.

Overall, you will enjoy a better performance by lowering the resolution manually. Adaptive Supersampling : it is greyed out because our adaptive resolution is 0.People playing Apex Legends on a high-end PC may have already noticed a cap on FPS put by the game even on hardware capable of pushing more.

This guide is for machines powered by an Nvidia Graphics card, but see if you can replicate similar settings on an AMD Radeon card as well. Click Add button, and select Apex Legends from the list of programs installed on your PC, then add the selected program. Some of these settings will be similar to the global settings in control panel, but you should still customize it.

Open Apex Legends on your PC, then click the gear icon on bottom right of the main screen and select Settings. To change graphics settings inside the game, click the Video tab and set the configuration settings to the values displayed below. If you have a mid-high tier graphics card and you prefer detailed graphics over FPS, then enable some of the detail settings that we disabled for FPS. Open the Geforce Experience app on your PC and go to its Settings by clicking the gear icon on the toolbar.

Now make sure that the In-Game Overlay is disabled. Unless you use the Game Bar and Game Mode features in Windows 10, you should disable these features to ensure maximum performance while games on your PC. Then click Game Mode on the left panel, and turn it off as well. Let us know about yours in the comments section below. Close Menu Apple. Share this:. Tags Apex Legends. Contact Write for Us. Power Management Mode. Prefer maximum performance. Threaded optimization. Virtual Reality pre-defined frames.

origin command line arguments fps

Maximum pre-rendered frame. Display Mode. Aspect Ratio. Select the native option. Field of view. Texture Streaming Budget. Texture Filtering. Ambient Occlusion Quality. Sun Shadow Coverage. Sun Shadow Detail. Spot Shadow Detail. Volumteric Lighting.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. The Witness Store Page. Global Achievements.

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I have to run to my computer and press Enter in less than 2 seconds for the game to run properly with Steam Link. On the Shield TV I have to have the game already running. Last edited by ShortFuse ; 30 Jan, pm. Showing 1 - 15 of 18 comments.

Userbla View Profile View Posts. Also means there is no steam overlay so you can't take screenshots, which I consider a very important feature in this game! But now, it's windowed not full screen.

At least I made progress! I updated the post since I figured out how to make Steam Link work properly. I figured I'll put everything I found. Thanks for the info. I'm not using a TV but being able to skip the dialog when starting is nice nonetheless. Edit: Wow, I just tried the ultra setting that is not available via the dialogue but only via the command line argument you posted and it looks a lot nicer especially the shadows.

Unfortunately my frame rate drops to 40 when using it. Last edited by The Renderer ; 28 Jan, am. Originally posted by The Renderer :. Last edited by ShortFuse ; 28 Jan, am.

How to increase FPS in Apex Legends: videoconfig, settings, launch options

I forced x via command line but maybe I can also set an ultra profile in the ini file and set it to only 4x MSAA and that way keep the nice shadows and the fade-in and still get 60 fps. Originally posted by ShortFuse :. You have made a great effort finding all this. Ryuukaze View Profile View Posts. Thanks for this. Glad to finally get rid of that config screen. A little sad that I can't run 'ultra' though. Mono View Profile View Posts.

Can you explain what I have to type in order to launch the game in a custom profile both in the config and the launch options? Muhandias View Profile View Posts. Twix View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by Mvllsk :. Last edited by Twix ; 30 Jan, am. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 27 Jan, pm. Posts: Discussions Rules and Guidelines.

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